About Caraline Sweet


Height: 5'1''

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Hair Color: Blonde/Brown

Vocal Range: Baby, Child, Pre-Teen, Teen (female), Adult (Female), Critters

Singing: Soprano

Location: Central New York

Caraline Sweet is a passionate voice actress who loves to bring all types of characters to life in audio-dramas, animation, gaming and more. Sweet can be heard in several productions like Neon Creatures as Carmen, Everlasting Shenjiu as Cat, several colorful characters on the One Shots D&D Podcast and even revenge fueled, blood thirsty preying mantis named Holly. 


Caraline comes from a traditional theatre background, with years of experience. She has performed in several stage shows like CNY's regional premiere of Puffs as Leanne and She Kills Monsters as Farrah the fairy and Evil Tina and has also worked on film sets like The Binge. She also studied Fine Arts and has her BFA from Buffalo University. She still loves painting, drawing and sewing and has even designed several runway collections. She also minored in Japanese language and studied, worked and lived in Japan for a few years after undergrad.

She also wrote and directed multiple musicals and stage plays during college through The Japanese Student Association. She has been teaching drama and theatre arts and really enjoys sharing her love of theatre and performing with her students. Caraline will soon be earning her Masters in Educational Theatre through Adelphi Univeristy and hopes to continue teaching as she continues her acting and voice over career.

When not in the booth or on the stage, Sweet enjoys Japanese language and culture, everything Halloween, astrology, animation, manga and comics, gaming and RPGs (shes an avid DnD player) singing and songwriting, writing, cooking and travelling. 


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