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"Working with Caraline on Everlasting Shenjiu is definitely a pleasure. Loved her commitment with playing Cat Hellshire. Definitely a voice actress I will continue working with. Very talented, very fun, very supportive, and very, very sweet."

-Bryan Figueroa

"Caraline Sweet truly lives up to her name! Ever punctual and energetic, she is able to nail lines without much guidance at all. She is excellent to work with, as she knows how to trust herself and her acting instincts while still taking direction. I would recommend Caraline to anybody who is interested in a lively voice and delightfully efficient work!"

-Addigale Stewart

"Caraline is truly a gem of a person and a stellar voice actor. Any creator would be lucky to have her on board their project because she’s dedicated to any role she play, no matter how big or small. I am forever grateful that she decided to collaborate with me."

-Joesph Komakino

"Caraline Sweet is an extraordinary eclectic actress. I worked with her on multiple One Shots: D&D Character Podcast episodes and she is one of the most fun people you could ever work with. Her comedic timing in One Shots is brilliant. She’s also a total badass in action podcasts like Everlasting Shenjiu, and she always adds amazing energy to any role she plays. I’m incredibly lucky to have collaborated with Caraline and you will feel the same way too."

-William Nunn

"Caraline is such a pleasure to work with on voiceover projects. Her delivery is strong and she never fails to bring out pure energy and emotion into her recordings. Not to mention, she’s very friendly and eager to lend a hand when needed. I highly recommend her."


"Caraline is a delight and highlight to work with. She is professional, upbeat, easy to work with and direct. If you choose her for your project, you will not be disappointed with her material. If I learned that I would be working with her again, it would bring a smile to my face and joy to my spirit."

-Scott Wilkins VA

"Caraline is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and incredibly talented too! She takes direction extremely well and her vocal range never ceases to amaze me. If you're looking for a kind, hard-working, versatile voice actress, look no further!"

-Meggie Elise

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